Revolutionize the way you leverage data

What do we do?

Descriptive Analytics: Understanding Your Past

Gain a complete understanding of what has happened in your organization. Through visualization techniques and synthesis, we transform data into actionable narratives. Identify patterns, trends, and key indicators that provide a clear picture of past successes and areas for improvement. Leverage our expertise to turn complex data sets into easily understandable insights, enhancing your decision-making process with a solid understanding of historical performance.

Diagnostic Analytics: Deciphering the Why

Discover the reasons behind the trends and outcomes revealed in your data. Through analysis and exploration, we identify the root cause and correlations that shape your business's performance. By breaking down the complexities of the data, we provide clarity on why certain events occurred, enabling you to make strategic decisions backed by a comprehensive understanding of your business dynamics.

Predictive Analytics: Anticipating Future Trends

Predict future trends and behaviors based on historical data patterns. By utilizing statistical models and machine learning algorithms, we help you identify potential outcomes, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities before they arise. Stay several steps ahead by leveraging the power of predictive analytics, turning your decision-making process into a proactive strategy that capitalizes on emerging trends and behaviors.

Prescriptive Analytics: Guiding Actionable Insights

Our services go beyond predicting what might happen; we offer actionable insights on what actions to take. By simulating various scenarios and recommending the best course of action, we guide your business toward optimal outcomes. Our expertise in prescriptive analytics ensures that you not only understand future possibilities, but also have a plan to implement strategies that maximize results and drive success.

Specialized Services


We help define your organization's data strategy.


We implement and deploy data services for your organization, from start to finish.


We support your organization's in-house projects with our experienced professionals.

About us

Who we are?

Proanalitica is a data analytics consulting firm, founded in 2020. Since our inception, we have been on a mission to revolutionize organizational decision-making through the power of data.

Where are our clients?

Our clients are in Colombia and the United States, but our goal is to serve companies worldwide. Currently, we offer services in English and Spanish and are committed to expanding our presence to assist companies around the world. Our goal is to transcend borders and provide international support to businesses.

Social causes

We want to make our contribution to causes of social impact, that is why we donate 30% of our profits to initiatives related to the environment and quality education.